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My Educational Background

I am a vibrantly enthusiastic educator with fifteen years of teaching experience with students between 3rd  and 12th grades. As a certified English teacher who has chosen to maintain my career as an educator, I now offer tutoring across all subjects, writing instruction, test prep, and editing (in person and remotely) to families on the Main Line from my home in Devon.

I have a lifelong commitment to education. I hold a Master of Arts in English Literature from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School via Oxford University (UK) and an undergraduate degree in English Literature magna cum laude from Barnard College/Columbia University.

My educational experiences range across all manner of settings: from day schools to boarding schools, I have confidently led classrooms in public, private, single-sex, and co-ed schools in five states and two coasts. I have worked in classrooms with student bodies from as small as 6 to as large as 25. One clear universal need all students share—no matter their gifts or challenges: students thrive in the presence of a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who is attuned to their specific learning needs and who can motivate them while making learning entertaining.

Regionally, I opened and ran my third Writing Center at a new school in our midst specifically designed for gifted learners: The Grayson School (please check it out! For almost five years I helped found and launch Grayson (Pre-K through 12h grades). Grayson is the only school in the state of Pennsylvania built to instruct gifted children. During its inaugural year as the Chair of the Language Arts Department I spearheaded a writing intensive elective and then established Grayson's Writing Center. Additionally, I served on Grayson's Executive Board and on the Upper School Task Force.

Teaching how to be a better writer...

A particular passion of mine is working with students to become confident, self-sufficient, and savvy writers. Here's a little backstory of how I became an inventive and effective writing teacher:

  • Early in my teaching career I was awarded a grant to research the writing process. I researched the academic take on how universities and prestigious writing programs were approaching the writing process. I compiled a resource binder and lobbied for my school to open a Writing Center immediately, which I founded and championed, shepherding Peer Tutors through training so they, too, could help students to learn how to be a better writer.  
  • I have established THREE successful (and still operational) high schools' Writing Centers, including one locally at The Grayson School.
  • I have worked in SEVEN writing centers during my career: Columbia University (as an undergraduate Peer Tutor), Phillips Academy, Oldfields School, Suffield Academy, Radnor HIgh School, and Episcopal Academy, in addition to The Grayson School.
  • I have helped every kind of student with every kind of writing needs at every stage of the writing process.