"Carrie is the most articulate person I have ever met! She manages to transform her students into lovers of the English language!"

--Mom of Radnor student

"Hi Carrie. Thank you so much for everything. You were amazing aand really connected with my son and he with you. He was so grateful for all the help with his college essay."

--Phyllis, mom to Conestoga senior

“Carrie brings a special passion for learning to her students. She motivates her students to engage in the subject and think outside the box!! Her sense of humor and unique teaching style engages the student in the subject at hand. My 14 year old son looks forward to meeting with her to work on his writing.”

--Barb, Conestoga High School parent of a 9th grader

"Happy New Year! I just wanted to let you know that [my daughter] got 100% on her last story. Thank you and see you soon!"

--Mom to TEMS 8th grader

"Hi Carrie and happy Christmas Eve!  Exciting news....[My daughter] was accepted to Johns Hopkins!  We are finally quieting down from the news.  Thank you for all you did to help guide her with her essays.  She really enjoyed working with you -- more than any other tutor or prep center!  Her final essays were beautiful and looks like her first choice school thought so too!  (Please feel free to use this as a testimonial as well). Happy New Year and thank you!"

--Robin, mom to a thrilled soon-to-be JHU student

"Amazing at her craft, Carrie is supurbly great with my son who now has confidence in his writing. College essay help was a lifesaver! And remote editing was a BONUS."

--Dr. Irene, Mom to a Penns Valley Senior

"Carrie Waldron-Brown is amazing! She coached my son through the process of writing his college essay and the final project is just incredible! She pulled things out of him that I did not know were there...and the best part...he LOVED it!"

--Patti, mom to a very happy college-bound Conestoga senior


"[My daughter] just got her Scarlet Letter essay back--she got a 95 on it--highest grade in the class. Thanks again for all you do for her. I will say again: finding you was a goldmine."

--Linda, mom to an EA junior

"I came to Mrs. W-B for tutoring because I heard very good recommendations from friends about her, and she met those expectations! I needed help with my writing and how to organize a paper. Carrie Waldron Brown improved my writing greatly by listening to what I had to say and writing down my thoughts, and she has really useful organizational support tools, too. Also, Mrs. W-B goes out of her way to help me with what I need help with from learning the material assigned in class to helping me break down a text when I need to read it more deeply.

"Mrs. W-B has helped me to understand the writing process. She gives me a piece of paper with an outline of how to write a paragraph and together we transfer my thoughts into a well-written paragraph. Now, I do not need her by my side to write a good paragraph because I use the tools she taught me and use that to write stronger essays.  Also and importantly, Mrs. W-B does not just write your paper for you like other tutors. She takes into account what you need help with and helps you improve that skill you need help with, like breaking down the text or the idea of a paper and helping you organize your thoughts into a well-written piece.

"I like that Mrs. W-B never cancels on me and is always easy to make an appointment. She always can squeeze me in even if she is busy and works around my schedule. I would recommend Mrs. W-B to anyone who needs to improve a subject/skill in school because she can help all students because she works with every child in their own way to make them a better student while making learning fun!"

--Saul, 10th grader at Barrack

"Carrie is the educational 'ACE' in my family's education deck. Her schedule is flexible as she can accommodate a last minute project edit, or Carrie can assist throughout the progression of a large research project. Carrie is even available by text if students have a quick question.

"My daughters have developed a stronger confidence in their writing and studying skills in other subjects from having worked with Carrie. This confidence also shows up in the classroom. My girls contribute in class with confidence and write with self-assurance instead of uncertainty and fearing risks.

"We LOVE working with Mrs. WB and plan on continuing for years to come."

--Amy, mom to Radnor middle and high schoolers

"I was moved to book with Carrie from Between the Lines Tutoring after hearing her speak about her passion to educate.  Her energy is contagious and I felt my child could benefit from being near the spark that is 'Mrs. W-B.' It is obvious that Carrie cares deeply for each of her students and strives endlessly to reach them just where they are. 

"I believe it is this magical place that she brings forth all of her years of experience, depth of knowledge, and unique ability to connect one on one that moves the student forward. 

"Like any superstar, Carrie makes you feel like you are the only one in the room and your opinion matters. I cannot think of a better gift to give a growing mind. "

--Mom to a Conestoga junior

"I went to Mrs. W-B in 11th grade because I needed help with strengthening my writing skills. She made it very easy for me to become a better writer. Her explanations of certain writing methods and writing strategies make me capable of comprehending how to confidently approach new assignments—how to structure an essay and also how to develop my analytical expression. And, my essay grades have gone up tremendously ever since I've worked with Mrs. W-B—I give her a lot of credit for helping me to improve. Altogether she has helped me grow as a writer while also strengthening my understanding of other elements of my junior and senior high school English curriculum.

"I would recommend Mrs. W-B to anyone who feels overwhelmed and/or uncomfortable in English; she can really help you understand writing and analysis of the texts. She has truly helped me and can most certainly help you, too!"

--Drew, RHS, Class of 2018


"Carrie, thanks for your grammar help with our daughter: [she] got an 87% on the test, which is awesome!  The whole grade's average was a 72%. (One of the smartest kids in her grade got an 82% as a measure for success--our daughter was WELL above the average.) She was pumped! Thanks again.

"I was talking to my husband about the help you have given both [our 10th grader and 8th graders] this year, and I told him that finding you was like 'finding a gold mine.'  Thanks again!"

--Enthusiastic mom of 2 happy Episcopal Academy students

“My friend recommended Carrie for proof-reading with college essays and I could not have been more happy!  Carrie was awesome to work with: smart, convenient, accessible, and positive. I wish that I had hired her to tutor my children in writing years ago.  It was a positive experience for all of us! 

"I would recommend Carrie for anyone looking to improve their child’s writing abilities or requiring assistance with college essays.”


"As Isabella's tutor over the last two years, Mrs. W-B has truly encouraged her to become more confident. Bella has also acquired a deeped interest in English, and I am certain this is the result of both Bella's sparked confidence as well as Mrs. W-B's enthusiastic engagement. Furthermore, Bella now wants to continue to improve her writing skills.
"We are so thrilled to have Mrs. W-B's expertise and motivation: what an invaluable resource she has and continues to be for our daughter. We HIGHLY recommend Mrs. W-B!"
--Rachel, mom to a Radnor Middle Schooler

“I approached Between the Lines Tutoring/Mrs. Waldron-Brown because my son was having difficulty with language arts and his organizational skills in general. Mrs. W-B helped my child by teaching him to break down and structure his writing assignments to formulate more cohesive arguments. The result is a growing confidence in his writing and reasoning skills.

"One thing I like is her ability to explain to my son how to analyze text and write thoughtful arguments. Our experience has been very positive. My son feels very comfortable communicating with Mrs. W-B and is able to manage his work/assignments without me entering the loop (and this in turn reduces the chance of combative dialogue between my son and I which has been very helpful). Mrs. W-B has also helped as a liaison with his teachers and advisor at school to improve the flow of information and to add clarity and direction to projects and papers.

"I would recommend Mrs. W-B to people who need an expert writing tutor. She is patient, very thorough, and truly enjoys what she is doing.”

–-Cyndi, mom of a 10th grader

"Carrie provided coaching for my daughter for high school application essays. With Carrie’s help, the essays granted her acceptance into the high school she applied to. Carrie provided guidance on how to approach essay writing on demand, how to format and structure the essay, and tips for incorporating richer vocabulary. The end result was my daughter’s independent work but was better off due to Carrie’s expertise in writing and in teaching. My daughter enjoyed her time with Carrie: she is pleasant to work with and has a sense of humor that makes the experience more enjoyable for kids.

"I highly recommend Carrie for tutoring in any subject and area that she offers. You and your child will not be disappointed!"

--Liz, Downingtown resident and mom to rising STEM Academy 9th grade daughter

"Carrie has worked with both my children throughout high school. My twins attend separate private schools and are very different learners with different academic profiles. My son has learned how important an outline is to focus his ideas. His writing skills have improved immensely and he is prepared for college. Carrie's wonderful sense of humor keeps him motivated. My daughter benefited from meeting with Carrie to learn strategies for the ACT writing section and her score reflected Carrie's techniques work. Carrie's upbeat personality and her ability to connect with each child's own specific needs makes working with her not only rewarding but also a joy. She is HIGHLY recommended!"

--Libby, Devon resident

Teaching at The Grayson School, where I was the Writing Center Director

"Carrie is an incredible resource when it comes to tutoring. Not only is she an Ivy League English grad, she is also a co-founder of the first gifted school in Philadelphia. We were lucky enough to enlist Carrie to help our 4th grader learn the fundamentals of comprehensive reading and writing. Carrie chose wonderful books that inspired my daughter to truly love the entire reading comprehension process. Our daughter was writing like a 6th grader post sessions with Carrie. We will certainly employ Carrie again with our younger daughter.

"The investment in your child's ability to read, comprehend and communicate can not be overvalued. It's a life skill that Carrie truly nurtures in her students. Can't recommend highly enough!!!!!"

--Amy, Devon Elementary parent of a 4th grader

"We have tried several tutoring professionals and can honestly say 'Mrs W-B' is, hands down, our TOP choice. Her impressive background, OUTSTANDING academic and interpersonal skills, and contagious enthusiasm make her an INVALUABLE resource for long-term supportive tutoring. She has earned our trust through her honest commitment to our kids' development. We give her an A+++"

--Regina, Conestoga High School parent of a 10th grader


 “Mrs. W-B helped Thomas to be more clear in his writing.  He has specifically benefited from your writing process ‘system.’ The visual presentation of it helped Thomas learn how to use it.  Thomas feels you are a better tutor than his previous writing coach because you do more than just correct what is written. Both boys appreciate your energy and enthusiasm!”

--Gloria, parent of 9th and 12th grade students at Shipley


References and résumé upon request

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