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Hello, my name is Carrie Waldron-Brown--or "Mrs. W-B."

I am a highly educated English teacher offering inspiring (and award-winning!) tutoring to students (3rd grade and beyond) on the Main Line.

  • I hold a Master of Arts in English Literature from Middlebury College via Oxford University (Lincoln College), and a Bachelor of Arts manga cum laude in English from Barnard College/Columbia University.
  • My success with students stems from my academic enthusiasm, inspirational techniques, and ability to explain and lead students toward clarity and confidence.
  • As a seasoned English teacher, working with students to improve their writing has been a life-long joy and mission: I have methods and theories on how to help empower students to become better and independent writers at any stage of the writing process and in any subject.
  • I help students with all manner of needs and across all subjects, from requiring academic and executive functioning support to gifted enrichment.
  • I am proud to have won SIX years in a row Best Tutoring Program LOVE and FAMILY FAVORITE Awards, 2021-2016, from Main Line Parent Magazine
  • I am a COLLEGE ESSAY MATCHLIGHTER through the esteemed The College Essay Guy business working with highly gifted and economically disadvantaged students to achieve a stellar personal statement and college application.
  • I live and work in Devon, PA, about a mile from the center of Wayne.
  • I have all current and required Pennsylvania and federal teacher clearances.

Contact me with any questions: 610-420-4414 or